IARPC Webinar: Science Communication Lightning Talks for Effective Interdisciplinary Arctic Research

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 22 May 2018

Where: Online: 8:00am AKDT, 12:00pm EDT

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The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) Collaborations invites attendance for a webinar titled Science Communication Lightning Talks for Effective Interdisciplinary Arctic Research. This webinar will be held via Zoom Video Conferencing.

Webinar Summary:

To most effectively solve challenging science questions in Arctic research, scientists must team up across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The IARPC Collaborations platform enables these interdisciplinary connections through its open meetings and website. However, communication across disciplines is challenging due to discipline-specific standards and vocabularies. To build the communication capacity and collaborative research potential of the next generation, IARPC Collaborations offers an online training program for early career scientists. During this webinar, early career scientists will present lightning talks on various topics in Arctic research designed to connect and network with scientists from other disciplines and lay the groundwork for forming new interdisciplinary collaborations. Join this webinar to see examples of effective science communication, network outside of your discipline, and learn more about future science communication training and networking opportunities through IARPC Collaborations’ new science communication forum.

For questions, contact:
Jessica Rohde
Email: jrohde [at] arcus.org
Phone: 206-931-0090

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