Polar Data Planning Summit

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 22 May 2018 to 24 May 2018

Where: Boulder, Colorado

More information: 


A number of recent conferences, workshops and meetings have confirmed that there are many national, regional and local projects and programs that are active in polar data management and stewardship and that also have a mandate or desire to contribute to regional or international coordination of efforts and activities. Many of those initiatives have resources available and are making progress towards an envisioned connected, interoperable polar data system. The international polar data community is eager to improve cooperation and coordination of their efforts.

In the May of 2018, representatives from a wide range of different active programs and projects will come together to focus on work planning and coordination of effort. This meeting will complement past workshops and fora (e.g. IPY, Polar Data Forums etc.) that have been effective in defining important community challenges and technical issues. The focus of the Summit will be to generate detailed plans on how best to mobilise existing and soon-to-be initiated funded activities to develop a particular international data sharing case study or scenario. At the annual meetings of the Arctic Data Committee and the Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management held in Montreal in September 2017, a focus on the sharing of meteorological observations and linking to existing terrestrial data networks was discussed as one possibility. Discussions on the precise nature of the case study will continue, a decision will be taken during the winter of 2018.

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