IARPC Webinar: Creating a National Scientific Mission - The Nansen Legacy Project

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 24 April 2018

Where: 8:30 am AKDT, 12:30 pm EDT

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The Nansen Legacy project breaks new ground in national-scale Arctic research collaborations. In Norway, a sustainability report is required for any economic activity in its sea territory, but no single institution could achieve this demanding goal alone for its hitherto ice-covered waters. Thus, a national team formed representing nearly Norway’s entire marine Arctic expertise including 130 scientists, 50 new recruiting positions, and Norway’s new research icebreaker. This $97 million project for the exploration and understanding of Norway’s ice-covered water and adjacent polar ocean commenced in 2018 and will run for six years. The ten partners collaborate to distribute work, but also are also able to concentrate upon specific fields of their choice. To form this unique collaboration, new evaluation and financing strategies had to be developed, challenging research institutions and government. This presentation will cover the process of developing the project including teaming up, reaching consensus, dividing the responsibilities, and developing a coherent and trustworthy team. The Nansen Legacy presents a step towards the future cooperation between the five Arctic coastal states in order to comprehend the entirety of the Arctic Ocean.

For more information and instructions on how to join the webinar via Zoom Video Conferencing, please follow the link above.