Abstract Deadline: Impacts of Sea-level Rise from Past to Present

When: 1 May 2018

Where: Utrecht, the Netherlands

More information: 


INQUA-PAGES Conference for Early-Career Researchers. 26-29 August 2018, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

This conference aims to facilitate scientific exchange between early-career researchers (ECRs) from a broad range of disciplines working with sea-level change. The conference will include two days of oral and poster presentations by ECRs, invited keynote lectures, a one day field excursion to the Rhine delta and Holland coastal plain with conference dinner, and a public ‘Science and Society’ evening session. The conference is open to ECRs who have obtained or expect to obtain their Ph.D. in 2010 or later.

The deadline for abstract submission is now extended to 1 May 2018.

Please see the link above for more information.