Polar Regions in Transformation - Climatic Change and Anthropogenic Pressures

15th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium
Event Dates
2018-09-10 - 2018-09-14
Potsdam, Germany

Earth's Polar Regions feature cold-climate environments characterized by unique landscapes, biota, and processes. Many of these features and dynamics are Cryosphere-driven and either are already subject to or have the potential for fundamental and rapid changes in a warming world. Earth observation technologies provide crucial tools to understand and quantify these changes.

This symposium deals specifically with remote sensing applications in the polar environments, both Arctic and Antarctic.

The theme of the 15th ICRSS is Polar Regions in Transformation - Climatic Change and Anthropogenic Pressures.

This symposium will be of interest to scientists, scholars, and industry and government professionals involved in studying and quantifying Arctic and Antarctic Change, renewable and non-renewable resource management, and development of new technologies and methods targeting remote sensing observations of polar environments. The symposium will provide a platform for the exchange of current applied research and best practices, the presentation of new technology and further innovation, and the advancement of international co-operation in the circumpolar regions of the world.

Abstracts are being requested that directly address the following topics:

  • Past, present and future changes in the Arctic and Antarctic
  • Inventory and dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets
  • Floating Ice: sea, river, and lake ice
  • Seasonal snow cover
  • Changing permafrost
  • Polar coastlines
  • Oceanography of polar seas
  • Hydrology of inland waters
  • Polar land cover and land use change
  • Arctic vegetation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Wildlife management and habitat protection
  • Land and water management
  • Archaeology
  • Geology, mineral, and oil and gas exploration
  • Microwave remote sensing applications
  • Optical and thermal remote sensing applications
  • LiDAR imaging
  • Hyperspectral remote sensing
  • All remote sensing platforms from satellite to terrestrial-based
  • Data Integration and Data Mining
  • Modeling using remote sensing-based parameterization
  • Geographic Information System and Web-based portals
  • Calibration and validation of geometric, radiometric and spectral properties
  • Mapping and Scaling

Abstracts due date has been extended to 31 May 2018.

The 2018 symposium is hosted by the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in the beautiful city of Potsdam, Germany.

Event Type
Conferences and Workshops