Speaker: Emily Berndt, NASA

Event Dates
Online or at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, 11:00am-12:00pm AKDT, 3:00-4:00pm EDT

Cross-track Infrared Sounder/Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (CrIS/ATMS) soundings processed though the NOAA Unique Combined Atmospheric Processing System (NUCAPS) (i.e. NUCAPS Soundings) are currently available in AWIPS-II as vertical temperature and moisture profiles for forecasters to diagnose unique forecasting challenges. To further realize the potential of NUCAPS Soundings in the operational environment, a team of scientists and forecasters developed the capability to view 2-D gridded plan view and cross section displays of NUCAPS Soundings (i.e. Gridded NUCAPS) in AWIPS-II. The capability was initially developed in conjunction with the Anchorage, Alaska, Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) to diagnose layers of cold air aloft which are hazardous to aviation activities. This presentation highlights the collaboration with the CWSU, outlines additional applications, and explains recent activities to decrease the latency of NUCAPS data and baseline the Gridded NUCAPS in AWIPS.

Available in-person at: Room 407 in the Akasofu Building on the UAF Campus in Fairbanks.

Event Type
Webinars and Virtual Events