Arctic Technology Summit

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 24 January 2018

Where: Tromso, Norway: Radisson Blu Hotel - Tromsøsal 2

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The Arctic is a vast and dispersed part of the world. While some parts of this region have a well-developed infrastructure, other parts remain sparsely connected to the rest of the world. Doing business in the Arctic can be challenging. As investments are being channeled north, the areas with a developed infrastructure gain a comparative advantage. Smart technological solutions are needed to ensure a sustainable, and evenly divided, development in the Arctic region with its many remote settlements. Innovation, satellite technology and modern infrastructure can make this possible. What political and economic mechanisms must be applied in order to close the connectivity-gaps in the Arctic? Which sectors need technological solutions most urgently? What role can satellite-and telecommunication play in as tourists, workers, ships and industrial installations move deeper into the Arctic? What can todays satellite technology, telecom and big data offer to the maritime businesses, and the fisheries industry in particular, in the Arctic?


  • Dr. Brendan Kelly, SEARCH
  • Tina Pidgeon, GCI
  • Julie Decker, Anchorage Museum
  • Ole Arve Misund, Norwegian Polar Institute
  • Nina Soleng, Kongsberg Satellite Services

Organized by Arctic Encounter Symposium and Arctic Frontiers

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