Registration Deadline: Fifth Forum for Young Permafrost Scientists

When: 28 January 2018

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The Fifth Forum for Young Permafrost Scientists, a geocryological conference and summer school hosted by the Melnikov Permafrost Institute, will be held 4 - 23 June 2018 in Yakutsk, Russia. Young researchers – including undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows – are invited to attend.

The Forum for Young Permafrost Scientists will include:

  • The Geocryological Conference held from 4 to 8 June 2018
  • The Geocryological Field Workshop from 9 to 23 June 2018

The Geocryological Conference themes include:

  • Regional and historical geocryology
  • Permafrost geothermics and thermal physics
  • Periglacial processes and forms
  • Landscape dynamics in permafrost regions
  • Permafrost geochemistry
  • Permafrost hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Climate change and permafrost evolution
  • Greenhouse gases and gas hydrates
  • Permafrost microbiology
  • Remote sensing of permafrost
  • Stability of engineering structures on permafrost

The summer school, in the form of a Geocryological Field Workshop will take place in the vicinity of Yakutsk and Amga (204 km south-east of Yakutsk). It will focus on permafrost degradation effects on agriculture and rural infrastructure in central Yakutia.

Organizers invite those interested in attending the conference and/or field school to pre-register before 28 January 2018.

For questions, please contact:
Anna Kut
ankaurban [at]

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