Event Dates

We are pleased to announce that abstracts and registrations are now open for Taking the Temperature of the Antarctic Continent (TACtical) Workshop March 21-23 2018 in Hobart, Australia.

The geothermal heat flux to the base of the Antarctic ice sheet is inherently difficult to measure, yet accurate estimates are necessary to better understand cryosphere dynamics. This is crucial to improve models of ice discharge and sea level change, and optimise site selection for ice core paleoclimate studies.

This workshop will include presentations and discussion around a new generation of Antarctic heat flux measurements, derivations and models, combining efforts to characterise and couple both deep (mantle) and shallow (crustal) heat flux. We will also discuss possible future international heat flux measurement initiatives in Antarctica. We invite interested researchers from the solid Earth, cryosphere and ice sheet modelling communities to join us in Hobart in March 2018.

Abstracts submission deadline extended to 7 December 2017.

Early bird registration $250 (includes conference dinner).