Abstract Deadline: 45th Annual Yellowknife Geoscience Forum

When: 20 October 2017

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The Yellowknife Geoscience Forum in Yellowknife, NT, Canada, provides an intimate setting for delegates from industry, academia, and government to exchange information on Mineral and Petroleum Exploration, Mining Activities, and Geoscience Research in Canada’s North. The Forum consists of a trade show and a technical program.

Permafrost will be a focus at this year's forum. Permafrost underlies terrain throughout the subarctic and Arctic regions of Canada. It affects almost every aspect of the northern environment and provides the foundation for infrastructure. Permafrost is inextricably linked with climate, and warming air temperatures are affecting ground thermal regimes, terrain stability, hydrological processes and northern infrastructure. The session themes are listed below, and we encourage presentations that highlight the application of permafrost science and engineering in solving northern challenges. The conference will also provide opportunities to discuss approaches that improve the coordination of permafrost research and meet the objectives of Canada's northern territories.

We are currently seeking presentations for the following themes:

  • Permafrost and Infrastructure
  • Permafrost Monitoring and Modelling
  • Permafrost Landscape Change and Mapping
  • Permafrost Hydrology

Please consider attending the conference to network with the growing community of individuals and organizations interested in permafrost.

The abstract submission deadline is Friday 20 October 2017.

The early bird registration deadline is Friday 27 October 2017.

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