2017 Interdisciplinary Antarctic Earth Science Meeting

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 11 October 2017 to 14 October 2017

Where: Whidbey Island, Washington, United States

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Based on the success of past U.S. Antarctic Earth Sciences meetings and the interest in promoting interdisciplinary research in Antarctica you are invited to participate in the upcoming NSF-sponsored Interdisciplinary Antarctic Earth Science Meeting (ANT-Sci). The meeting is intended to provide a forum for recent Antarctic research, to facilitate the exchange of information, and to encourage interdisciplinary research in the Earth Sciences. (This is not just for 'CTAM' researchers anymore.)

Meeting overview:

ANT-Sci will be a 3-day long, single-session meeting, that will include invited and contributed presentations, poster sessions, and dedicated discussion time to promote exchange of ideas. The meeting will follow the West Antarctic ice sheet (WAIS) meeting. The meeting will kick off on Wednesday and continue through Friday afternoon. Registration costs will cover all food (not alcoholic beverages) and three nights of lodging expenses while you are at Camp Casey. The not-so-fancy facilities (with a beautiful location), allows us to keep your costs low.

The meeting themes will include:

  • Connecting the spheres 1 - surficial processes, geology, and the deep earth
  • Connecting the spheres 2 - landscape, ice sheet, ocean and atmospheric interactions
  • Exploring the submerged continent
  • Evolution and ecology of ancient and modern organisms, ecosystems and environments

Registration deadline is August 25th

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