SnowEx Workshop
Event Dates
2017-08-08 - 2017-08-10
Longmont, Colorado

You are invited to a NASA workshop which is part of a series dedicated to NASA’s five-year SnowEx mission. The overarching objective of SnowEx is to advance our ability to measure snow-water equivalent globally leading toward defining a new space mission concept for global snow cover. The field campaign for SnowEx Year 1 was held during a three-week period in February 2017 in the Colorado Rockies on Grand Mesa and in the Senator Beck basin.

NASA SnowEx participants and their designees, and others who are interested in snow remote sensing, are invited to participate in this workshop to exchange information on experiences and results from the SnowEx Year 1 campaign. NASA particularly encourages participation from students who were involved in the ground campaign (and others who are interested, and anticipate possibly participating in future SnowEx campaigns).

This workshop will present an opportunity to share ideas, preliminary results and stories about the February 2017 SnowEx campaign as well as memories of our late colleague, Drew Slater. The workshop is dedicated to the memory of Drew. ​

If you would like to attend please RSVP to Dorothy Hall if you have not already done so:

dorothy.k.hall at

Event Type
Conferences and Workshops