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Progress toward understanding the response of permafrost to climate change in Alaska

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Online: 10:00 am AKDT, 2:00 pm EDT

This inaugural webinar for the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee's (IARPC) new Permafrost Collaboration Team (PCT) will feature
a presentation by Torre Jorgenson from Alaska Ecoscience titled "Progress toward understanding the response of permafrost to climate
change in Alaska."

To join this webinar attendees must request an account on the IARPC collaborations website above.

The PCT is a new team created as part of Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021. The team's scope of activities will include implementation of research objectives and performance elements including, improving understanding of how climate, physiography, terrain conditions, vegetation, and patterns of disturbance interact to control permafrost dynamics; improving and expanding understanding of how warming and thawing of permafrost influence the vulnerability of soil carbon, including the potential release of carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere; continuing to improve integration of empirically measured permafrost processes into models that predict how climate change, hydrology, ecosystem shifts, and disturbances interact within terrestrial and freshwater aquatic systems to impact permafrost evolution, degradation, and feedbacks from local landscapes to the circum-Arctic; and determining how warming and thawing permafrost impacts infrastructure and human health.

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