Event Dates

This cruise and pre-cruise information workshop will instruct early career marine scientists, including PhD students, post docs, and first or second year faculty members, on how to effectively plan for, acquire, and utilize time at sea for multi-disciplinary research and education.

The program will begin in Duluth, Minnesota and end in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 6-12 June 2017.

This course will include a four-day cruise on the University of Minnesota's research vessel Blue Heron on Lakes Superior and Michigan,
as well as a pre-cruise workshop.

Small stipends are provided for participant travel costs, research supplies, and shipping.

Space is limited and applicants must be an employee or student (U.S. Citizen or permanent resident) at a U.S. institution or a U.S. citizen
working abroad.

To apply, go to: https://goo.gl/forms/6yLk9JSubJSnjjvH3

Application deadline: 21 April 2017

For questions, contact:
Doug Ricketts
Email: ricketts [at] d.umn.edu