Event Type
Conferences and Workshops
Event Dates
2017-03-29 - 2017-03-30
Bremerhaven, Germany

The SIMIP Workshop occurs after the Polar Prediction Workshop (29th noon - 30th noon) and is devoted to discussions about the sea ice simulations from the upcoming CMIP6 experiments (SIMIP), with three distinct aims:

  • To discuss and define best practices for the evaluation of sea-ice simulations against observations
  • To identify and define new remote sensing and in situ sea ice observations that will allow for improved model evaluation and initialization
  • To discuss and coordinate the analysis of CMIP6 sea ice simulations for improved understanding of sea ice processes and improved sea ice projections.

The SIMIP workshop will primarily be a discussion meeting with a few invited presentations to set the scene. The SIMIP workshop is organized by the WCRP-CliC Sea ice and Climate Modeling Forum.

To register and/or submit an abstract please follow the link above and scroll down to the SIMIP Meeting section.