Arctic Science Summit Week 2017

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops


31 March 2017 to 7 April 2017

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

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SEARCH leads will be attending and participating in ASSW 2017. Please visit them at the following sessions and presentations:

Tuesday, 4 April 16-17:30, Taurus

Session: Project management in the Arctic science – the unknown driver of changes II
Presenter: Robert Rich
Presentation Title: Model Project Management for Arctic Research and Decisionmaking: Critical Insights from the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
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Thursday, 6 April, 14:00-15:30, Leo

Session: Session title:Building partnerships among multiple knowledge systems to enhance understanding of a dynamic Arctic
Session Chair: Robert Rich
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Thursday, 6 April 17:30-19:00, Poster Area

Session: 22. Building partnerships among multiple knowledge systems to enhance understanding of a dynamic Arctic
Presenter: Matthew Druckenmiller
Poster Title: Observing Coastal Sea-Ice Stability in Arctic Alaska: A Framework for Collaboration, Communication, and Prediction
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Friday, 7 April 11-12:30, Zenit + Nadir

Session: Progress on the Development of a Pan- Arctic Observing System
Presenter: Hajo Eicken
Presentation Title: Stakeholder engagement in sustained Arctic observations: Community-based observations, satellite remote sensing and participatory scenarios focusing on coastal sea ice
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Friday, 7 April 14:45-15:00, Zenit + Nadir

Session: Communicating Arctic Change - Successes and Challenges of Effective Science Communication from Multiple Perspectives
Presenter: Brendan P. Kelly
Presentation Title: Towards a Sustained Knowledge Exchange: Collaboratively Advancing Awareness and Understanding of the Impacts of Arctic Environmental Change
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