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The Joint Science Education Project (JSEP) and the Joint Antarctic School Expedition (JASE) invite high school students in their junior year to apply for two National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported polar science exploration programs. The JSEP project will take place in Greenland and the JASE project will be located in Antarctica and the Chilean Antarctic Institute in Chile.

The three-week JSEP program takes place entirely in Greenland. Participants from the United States, Denmark, and Greenland live and work together while exploring current research and completing their own inquiry-based investigations. The program includes two weeks of extensive field experiences near Kangerlussuaq and a final week with a visit to Summit Station, the U.S. research facility located at the top of the Greenland ice sheet.

The one- to two-week JASE program takes place in King George Island, Antarctica. Students from the United States join a Chilean high school expedition to Escudero Base on King George Island. The program includes visits to international research stations and field sites in Antarctica as well as the Chilean Antarctic Institute in the Patagonia region of Chile. JASE participants must be fluent in Spanish.

Both programs provide an opportunity for students to connect with polar scientists as they conduct research in a wide variety of fields including biology, geology, climatology, chemistry, and engineering. The successful candidates will also have significant hands-on experiences in field research under the guidance of professional teachers from the participating nations.

JSEP and JASE are open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents in the 11th grade at the time of application. Students may apply for one or both programs using the same application. NSF's Division of Polar Programs covers all costs, including food, transportation, lodging, and instruction for students selected to participate.

Application deadline: 31 January 2017.

For additional information and application materials, go to the link above.

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Lauren Culler
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