Event Dates
Hyytaila, Finland

Organizers announce a call for registration for the Circum-Arctic Flux Workshop. This workshop is hosted by the Pan-Eurasion Experiment (PEEX) of the University of Helsinki and will be held 6-9 February 2017 in Hyytaila, Finland.

The workshop is open to all scientists interested in detailed observations of energetic, hydrological and chemical fluxes at the surface-atmosphere interface and how these may be used to understand and model the Arctic climate system. The Workshop is bringing professional and scientific experts together under research themes related to biogeochemistry, surface energy balance, atmospheric sciences, permafrost, hydrology, modeling, and remote sensing to help coordinate and synthesize polar flux data and models as an integrated systems of energy, moisture and chemical exchange.

The official language of the Workshop will be English.

Registration deadline: 15 January 2016.