Submission Deadline: Kangerlussuaq Special Edition in Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (AAAR)

When: 1 February 2017

Where: Online

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Research Topics:
Terrestrial Ecology, Fjord Ecology, Glaciology, Hydrology, Limnology, Geomorphology, Biogeochemistry, Permafrost, and Quaternary Geology.

The Kangerlussuaq area has been an important location for intense research activities for many decades. This region of Greenland contains a large diversity of geomorphic systems from a sector of the Greenland Ice Sheet to a proglacial foreland exposed to fluvial, aeolian, and limnological environmental change to a long and narrow fjord. Significant progress in understanding ecological, geomorphological, and climatic processes in the Arctic derives from studies conducted in the Kangerlussuaq area. However, as with most other regions in the Arctic the Kangerlussuaq area is undergoing climate-driven environmental change and impacts and it has become even more important to document and understand the ecological and geological implications of these changes. In this context, robust case studies and cross-system analyses from the Kangerlussuaq area serve as a valuable source of knowledge for progressing our understanding of processes, mechanics and modeling. We invite contributions that address all aspects of physical and biological research on all ranges of spatial and temporal scales conducted in the Kangerlussuaq area.

Please contact Jacob Clement Yde Jacob.Yde [at] in the first instance. Inquiries are encouraged prior to manuscript submission.

If you have colleagues working in West Greenland, please let them know about this special issue.

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