Event Dates
2016-10-31 - 2016-11-02
Oslo, Norway

We are organizing a 3-day beginner Elmer/Ice course at the University of Oslo (the week after the IGS Nordic Branch meeting which will be held at the Fram Centre in Tromsø, Norway, from Wednesday October 26 to Friday October 28).

This 3-day course is dedicated to students or researchers aiming to start working with Elmer/Ice. During the course, you will learn how to set up a simple ice flow problem for a flow line geometry as well as for a real mountain glacier. The third day will be dedicated to more advanced topics like the coupling of ice flow and temperature or inverse methods. For those interested, this last day might also be dedicated to start setting up your own problem with our help.

The number of places is limited to 20, and will be given on the basis of the first registered, first served. To register, send an email to Olivier Gagliardini with you name, affiliation, position and few lines of motivations to attend the course. There will be no registration fees, but students will have to take care of their lodging and attend the course with their own laptop. More information will be given later on the Elmer/Ice website (see link above).

Event Type
Field Training and Schools