PolarConnect Event with Sandra Thornton

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 8 August 2016

Where: Online: 2:00 pm AKDT, 6:00 pm EDT

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Join PolarTREC for a PolarConnect event with teacher Sanda Thornton and the Chukchi Sea Borderland Research Team:


This event will be broadcast live from the US Coast Guard Cutter/Icebreaker Healy. This is a real-time event with Virginia teacher Sandra Thornton and the researchers exploring marine communities from microbes to mammals and from sea ice to seafloor in this complex Arctic region. They will be sharing experiences and observations of their work aboard the Healy.

This event is hosted through the PolarTREC PolarConnect program, and participants will have a chance the learn from the scientists, ask questions, and chat with others during the presentation.