Frontiers in Decadal Variability: Proceedings of a Workshop

Frontiers in Decadal Variability: Proceedings of a Workshop

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 25 July 2016

Where: Online: 10:00 am AKDT, 2:00 pm EDT

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A number of studies indicate an apparent slowdown in the overall steady rise in global average surface temperature between roughly 1998 and 2014. Most models did not directly project such a slowdown—a fact that stimulated a lot of new research on variability of Earth’s climate system. At a September 2015 workshop, leading scientists gathered to share their research and current understanding of climate variability on decadal timescales (10 to 30 years). Improved understanding and prediction of decadal variability is important for decision making in sectors including infrastructure, water resources, agriculture, and energy.

Join NCAR’s Jerry Meehl, chair of the workshop organizing committee, for the release event for the Proceedings of a Workshop. Dr. Meehl will share highlights from the workshop and discuss more recent research. Register today!