Event Dates
Online: 9:15 am AKDT, 10:15 am PDT, 11:15 am MDT, 12:15pm CDT, 1:15pm EDT

PolarConnect participants will learn about what scientists are doing to study the polar regions, and what it is like to live and work in the Arctic and Antarctica through presentations and Q&A sessions with teachers and polar scientists.

Kelly and her team have been stationed in Greenland for field work that involves flying over the ice sheets in the Arctic. She will be at Thule, Greenland to connect with teachers and students around the country and share their experience. Learn more about Kelly and NASA's incredible expedition: https://www.polartrec.com/expeditions/operation-icebridge-arctic

This event will be broadcast with the team from Thule, Greenland. It will last one hour and it is open to all ages.

Read more about Operation IceBridge here: https://www.polartrec.com/expeditions/operation-icebridge-arctic

Event Type
Webinars and Virtual Events