Event Type
Conferences and Workshops

A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Northern Shelter

Event Dates
2016-03-11 - 2016-03-13
Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Fairbanks Alaska

Held in conjunction with the Arctic Resilience Workshop, Arctic Science Summit Week, Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials meeting and Arctic Observing Summit

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC), in partnership with the Institute of the North (ION) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) will host the 4th Sustainable Northern Shelter Forum on 11-13 March 2016, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Entitled "A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Northern Shelter," the Forum presents an opportunity for an international group of community leaders, builders, architects, building scientists, and planners to discuss common challenges and exchange solutions to producing sustainable, appropriate, and durable buildings and infrastructure in the circumpolar north.

The goals of the forum are to identify strategic research priorities in the field of northern building and infrastructure design and technology, share innovative designs and prototypes, develop ongoing circumpolar partnerships, and disseminate the information gathered among the wider circumpolar community.

Forum topics include:

  • Building Science and Construction in the North

  • Energy and Alternative Energy Systems and Infrastructure

  • Sustainable Design of Buildings and Communities that are defined by Culture and Environment

The Forum is designed to be inclusive, deliberate and focused, with sessions encouraging an open approach of facilitated discussion, based on case studies from Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. Participants will come from around the Arctic, but participants from or working in remote northern communities will find the most value.

Sessions will center on holistic problem-solving, with challenges presented to a diverse, interdisciplinary panel of subject matter experts who will share potential solutions and common barriers to the creation of sustainable communities and work toward a common framework for addressing northern barriers to sustainable communities. From these discussions, collaborative task forces will be formed to identify near- and medium-term actions to move communities toward best practices or solutions.

Forum participation is limited to 150. Register early to reserve your seat at the table.