Event Type
Conferences and Workshops

Innovation, Integration, Cooperation, and Sustainability

Event Dates
2016-11-04 - 2016-11-06
Qingdao, China

Introduction to Qingdao WCO-2016

The main theme of WCO-2016 is Innovation, Integration, Cooperation and Sustainability. Ocean is the common heritage of mankind. We need to protect and conserve it for posterity and sustenance. We believe the WCO-2016 will bring about enormous benefits as well as open up a new and broader pathway for information and experience exchange between China and the rest of the world.

WCO-2016 plans to shoot for 100+ oral presentations in the frontier of Oceanology, Ocean Economy & Energy, Maritime Law, Marine Environment, Smart Digital Ocean, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Green Shipping and Marine Transportation, Seawater Desalination from experts, academicians, senior scientists, industry executives and project leaders. Each speaker shall be entitled to no more than 20 minutes for the speech, plus 5 minutes for questions. WCO has been created to benefit industry professionals, and the program includes specific topical industry sessions, which will be very informative and practical.

Conference Highlights

  • 200+ Attendees Coming from All over the World to Exchange Ideas, Build New Networks, and Foster Friendships
  • 100+ Presentations & 20+ Scientific Posters Covering Hot Topics and Cutting-edge Technology
  • Roundtable and Panel Discussion, Matchmaking, Investment, Career Development Opportunities
  • Social Activities and Networking, Field Trip and Build Partnerships in China, Find Huge Opportunities and Markets for Your Business over the World
  • Tech Tour to Famous Science Spots & Historical Sites in China

Exhibition & Poster

WCO-2016 will provide an ideal platform to showcase your new technologies and products in China. It is developed to maximize exposure of exhibitors, with coffee breaks and poster sessions for delegates taking place in the area.
- Interaction with Visitors Face-to-Face, Exchanging Conversation and Sharing Information
- Explore new business opportunities both at home and abroad
- Spotlight your advanced technologies and their scientific and commercial applications