Event Type
Conferences and Workshops

The Blue Future of the Arctic

Event Dates
2016-05-25 - 2016-05-26
Bodø, Norway

Worldwide interest in the Arctic is increasing. Changing ice-conditions, regional growth and international geopolitics have placed the High North at the center of attention.

On May 24-26, the High North Center – under the Business School at the University of Nordland – invites you to participate in the High North Dialogue 2016. The theme of this year’s conference is The Blue Future of the Arctic.

The Arctic is an ocean, surrounded by land. The economic potential of the sea continues to drive the discourse of, and development in, the Arctic. Marine and maritime industries like fisheries, oil and gas, and shipping constitute the backbone of this development.

New ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship are additionally transforming the way we think about the marine and maritime space, while providing exciting opportunities for the local and regional populations of the Arctic.

At the same time, the various parts of the Arctic are experiencing different realities with regards to climatic changes and economic development. There is in fact not ‘one’ Arctic, but several.

Since 2007, the High North Dialogue conference series have brought together Arctic leaders – present and future – to discuss the dimensions of the changes taking place in the Arctic. Set in Bodø – the second largest community in North Norway and gateway to Lofoten – the High North Dialogue 2016 will provide you with a different perspective on the future of the Arctic.

We ask:

• How does a Blue Future look like for the Arctic?
• Who will be the Future Leaders of the Arctic?
• What roles do Innovation and Entrepreneurship play?
• What are the main challenges for Arctic development and sustainability?
• How is the Arctic linked to global trends and issues?
• Should the Arctic be left to its inhabitants or be part of the global commons?

Over two days – in tandem with the Arctic Business conference – we intend to address these questions, while promoting and provoking debate and dialogue.