SAGES/ 'The North' Workshop: 'North Atlantic/European Climatic Controls on Landscape Evolution During the Little Ice Age'

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 19 June 2014

Where: Aberdeen, Scotland

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The period of global cooling commonly referred to as the 'Little Ice Age' (LIA) covered the period ca AD 1200-1900 and had a significant impact on landscapes in terms of glacial/periglacial processes, land use change, the redistribution of blown sand, etc. In the North Atlantic/European region, asynchronous glacial advances in the Alps, Scandinavia and Iceland suggest that local climate was sensitive, but responded differently, to changes in oceanic and atmospheric circulation dynamics during this period, with implications for landscape response.

Despite this, interpretations of landscape evolution are rarely considered alongside our understanding of large scale climatic controls on the regional patterns of temperature, precipitation, storminess etc. For this reason, our workshop aims to bring together researchers with interests in climatic modelling, palaeoclimatic reconstruction and geomorphology to discuss various interpretations of LIA landscape change in the context of oceanic/atmospheric circulation dynamics.

This one day event will include sessions focusing on 'Little Ice Age landscape change', 'Empirical evidence for the Climate of the Past Millennium' and 'Palaeoclimatic modelling of the Little Ice Age'. During the workshop there will also be an opportunity for postgraduate students to display their research activities during a poster session.

The workshop is co-convened by Craig Frew (University of Aberdeen) and Rob Wilson (University of St Andrews) and we invite the submission of abstracts for student poster presentations. Some limited funds are available for supporting the travel costs of postgraduate students. If you would like to attend, please contact Craig Frew (R02CF12 [at] ABDN.AC.UK).

Confirmed Guest Speakers include:

  • Martin Kirkbride (University of Dundee)
  • Rob Wilson/Milos Rydval (University of St Andrews)
  • Andrew Schurer (University of Edinburgh)
  • Alaistair Dawson (University of Aberdeen)
  • Craig Frew (University of Aberdeen)