Postgraduate Course on Glaciology with Emphasis on the Glaciers of the Southern Andes

Event Type: Field Training and Schools

When: 4 August 2014 to 8 August 2014

Where: Mendoza, Argentina

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We are happy to announce the first postgraduate course on glaciology with emphasis on the glaciers of the Southern Andes, by Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales (IANIGLA- CONICET), that will be held in Mendoza, Argentina, 4-8 August, 2014.


The course will provide an introduction to the physics of glaciers, the glacier climate relationship with a focus on the different aspect of glaciers along the southern Andes.

The course is taught in Spanish by glaciologists from IANIGLA and is intended for postgraduate students with research's subject related with glaciology. Also graduate students or technicians from public or private agencies related with the management of mountain hydrology or natural resource management of the Southern Andes are welcome to apply.

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