ELS 2014 - the Earth Living Skin: Soil, Life and Climate Changes


21 September 2014 to 25 September 2014

Where:  Nova Yardinia, Castellaneta Marina (TA), Italy

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The Earth Living Skin 2014: Soil, Life and Climate Changes is the first of a Conference of the Soil System Sciences (SSS) Division of the European Geosciences Union. The Conference Scientific Program will focus on the fundamental role of soil systems, multiphase complex organisms which generates and sustain life onto the planet. Soils are the skin of earth and therefore represent magnificent intermediate substrates where most of the key environmental phenomena occur and where land, climate, living organisms and humans contribute to define typical patterns and characteristics.

The Scientific Programme is planned to merge the most recent and stimulating concepts and findings of the numerous disciplines related to soil systems: soil science, geomorphology, biogeochemistry, hydrological sciences, environmental microbiology, ecology, climatology, and natural hazards, only to mention the main ones. Scientists and researchers with a temporary or consolidated interest for these fields of science are invited to participate to this Conference to bring their experiences and results and to contribute to create a permanent forum of stimulating scientific debates.

The Conference Series initiates a novel scientific experience around an environmental compartment, the soil, which represents the “critical system” of the earth surface, bridging several environmental compartments and biogeochemical phenomena. We sincerely hope you will be able to set this Conference in your agenda and to join us in 2014.