XXth GEOSummit Meeting

Event Type: Lectures/Panels/Discussions

When: 3 May 2013

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia


As part of the Arctic Observing Summit 2013, the Greenland Summit's Science Coordination Office invites you to take part in the XXth GEOSummit meeting, to be held as a "Side meeting" on Friday, 3 May, in Vancouver, BC. It is our sincere hope that many of you will already be in Vancouver for the AOS, and will be able to take an extra day to discuss current research and future directions for Summit.

To begin the GEOSummit meeting, we are planning to showcase recent science highlights, and are asking all of you to help (even, or maybe especially, those of you who will not be able to attend). We also want to include new projects that will be starting at Summit this summer as well as currently pending proposals.

Could you please provide us with one or two power point slides that shine the brightest possible light on your recent, current, or pending project at Summit. We will do our best to organize all contributions I receive into themes, and will present this overview. Obviously, if you are in attendance you will be able to amplify (or correct) our comments, but we do really want to hear from as much of the community as possible.

For new starts and recently proposed work, it would be great to see the hypotheses you are hoping to test, and the approaches you are planning to use.

If you are part of a large coordinated effort (NOAA, LTO, ICECAPS) please discuss amongst your group whether you prefer to have an organized overview summary, or want to encourage all PI's to submit their own gems. If you decide to band together, please indicate that it is an overview when you transmit to us.

Please send all materials to Jack Dibb jack.dibb@unh.edu.