Field Program: ArcticNet Schools on Tundra

Event Type: Field Training and Schools

When: 23 February 2013 to 6 March 2013

Where: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

More information:


ArcticNet announces the availability of a field program entitled 'Schools on Tundra.' It will be held 23 February - 6 March 2013 at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC), located outside of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Students and teachers participating in the Schools on Tundra program will have the opportunity to conduct authentic field research in the sub-arctic, engage with scientists working out of the CNSC, and participate in lectures and workshops. The course will further understanding of the Churchill area and the changes it is experiencing due to climate change. Participants will also experience Churchill's diverse geology, biodiversity, and wilderness, and will learn about and explore the culture of a northern community.

Tentative research areas include:

  • Disturbance ecology and environmental changes affecting permafrost landforms;
  • Polar biology and habitat;
  • Marine mammals;
  • Freshwater systems in the sub-arctic; and
  • Aurora borealis.

The program registration fee of $1,750.00 does not include travel to and from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but travel from Winnipeg to CNSC and back is incorporated into the cost. In order to receive a spot in the program, a school application needs to be submitted by Friday, 16 November 2012. A selection committee will review all applicants and select schools based on their outreach and financial plan, after which the teacher and student application process will begin (deadline will be announced).

School application deadline: Friday, 16 November 2012.