International Conference on Arctic Ocean Acidification

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 6 May 2013 to 8 May 2013

Where: Bergen, Norway

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Scientists, climate scientists, social scientists, policy- and decision-makers concerned with fisheries and management of marine ecosystems, representatives of stakeholders groups including northern residents and indigenous peoples, and fisheries organizations are invited to attend the International Conference entitled "Arctic Ocean Acidification". The conference will be held In Bergen, Norway on 6–8 May 2013.

Topics to be addressed at the conference include:

  • Response of Arctic Ocean to increasing CO2 and related changes in the global carbon cycle;
  • Social and policy challenges;
  • Arctic Ocean acidification and ecological and biogeochemical coupling;
  • Implications of changing Arctic Ocean acidification for northern (commercial and subsistence) fisheries; and
  • Future developments.

Participants are invited to submit abstracts on relevant subjects, including reports from observational, experimental, and modeling studies of past, present, and future ocean acidification; responses of marine organisms and ecosystem structure, functioning, and biodiversity; perturbations to biogeochemical cycling and feedbacks to the climate system; and the economic, social, and policy challenges of ocean acidification. Abstracts for proposed oral and poster presentation (750 words, maximum) should be emailed to the conference organizers (amap [at] by 1 January 2013.

Those interested in participating in the conference should send an email to the AMAP Secretariat (amap [at] for a preliminary, nonbinding registration to be placed on the mailing list for future announcements. Some financial support will be available to assist participation of young scientists in the conference.

Abstract submission deadline: 1 January 2013.