ESA Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science Conference

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 13 November 2012 to 16 November 2012

Where: Frascati (Rome), Italy

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This conference aims to provide a forum for world-class scientists to present new research results and focus on and discuss future challenges on EO technology for cryosphere science.

The wide variety of satellite remote sensing techniques used in cryosphere research, and the increasing observational capacity provided by current and future optical, radar, laser altimetry, interferometry and gravimetry observations, provides a major opportunity to advance our knowledge about one of the most rapidly changing parts of the Earth’s global climate system. The conference aims to review the latest developments in this critical scientific domain as well as defining the coming challenges in cryosphere science where EO could play a major role.

The specific objectives of this topical conference are:

(1) To assess recent progress in the full range of cryosphere relevant EO-based observations and techniques;
(2) To review the major scientific advances in cryosphere science with special attention to the understanding of cryosphere-atmosphere-ocean interactions and impacts in climate change;
(3) To discuss the challenges and opportunities in cryosphere science offered by the new generation of EO satellites as well as the major observational gaps for the coming decades;
(4) To consolidate a scientific roadmap outlining the main priorities and challenges for the cryosphere community in terms of novel observations, enhanced EO-based products and techniques and innovative scientific results.