Call for Session Abstracts
Ocean Sciences Meeting

18-23 February 2024
New Orleans, Louisiana

Abstract submission deadline: 13 September 2023

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Organizers invite session abstracts for the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting. This meeting will take place 18-23 February 2024 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Conveners of the following session invite abstracts:

SESSION HE001 - Arctic Coastal Dynamics
Conveners: Emily Eidam, Benjamin M. Jones, Madison Smith, Julia Guimond, and Roger Creel

Arctic coastal zones and continental shelves are critical transitions between terrestrial and marine processes, and are rapidly changing in response to a warming Arctic. Warming temperatures, storms, sea-ice loss, changing wave climate, sea-level rise, and changes in terrestrial permafrost and hydrogeology are having cascading effects on subaerial to subaqueous parts of these Arctic systems. Rapid changes occurring further offshore in the Arctic Ocean in terms of circulation, sea ice, and biologic effects are also driving and amplifying the dynamics across Arctic coastal zones and continental shelf transitions, with implications for physical dynamics and ecosystems. This session invites submissions that will improve our understanding of Arctic coastal zone dynamics on local, regional, and pan-Arctic scales. Conveners encourage submissions that focus on physical, chemical, and biological processes and linkages from the offshore-to-onshore continuum through field-based, remote sensing, and modeling strategies. Conveners further encourage representation from the diverse suite of disciplines interested in understanding how changes in the coastal zone are impacting social-environmental-technical systems in the Arctic. Conveners anticipate the collection of submissions to highlight interrelated changes across Arctic coastal systems, as well as emerging vulnerabilities and potential resiliency in these environments and societies during a rapidly changing 21st century Arctic.

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