Call for Applications
Sharing Circle for Early Career Professionals and Arctic Youth

2-6 October 2023
Sevettijärvi and Inari, Northern Finland

Application deadline: 10 April 2023

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The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) and the EU Project Arctic PASSION invite applications for the Sharing Circle for Early Career Professionals and Arctic Youth. This event will take place 2-6 October 2023 in Sevettijärvi and Inari, Northern Finland.

With the Sharing Circle, organizers will provide a platform for exchange between Indigenous and local rights holders, Arctic youth, Arctic research experts, and early career professionals leading to a better understanding across the region. Participants of the Sharing Circle will gain valuable insights into different cultures and the heritage of the Arctic, and will discuss how intercultural and transdisciplinary cooperation can function better and what types of environmental data and maps are needed for a better understanding of Arctic environmental change. Participants will discuss how the Arctic environment and societies are intertwined and will gain a better understanding of the Arctic, its people, and the value of sharing experiences and knowledge.

Organizers invite Arctic youth and early career professionals to apply for the Sharing Circle. Participants must be at least 20 years old and no older than 35 at the time of the Sharing Circle.

Target participants include:

  • Youth from and living in the Arctic (Indigenous and non-Indigenous),
  • Bachelor and Master students working with Arctic topics,
  • PhD candidates and postdocs working with Arctic topics; and
  • Early career professionals working with Arctic topics in the public or private sector.

After the Sharing Circle, participants will serve as Arctic PASSION Ambassadors for one year and will develop ideas for their own outreach project during the workshop to pass on their learnings to their communities, institutes, or other chosen audiences.

The Sharing Circle will take place in the homelands of the Sámi, in Sevettijärvi and Inari, Finland. Of special interest will be field visits to Indigenous-led ecological restoration sites, such as rivers and lake restoration.

Application deadline: 10 April 2023

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Nadine Hillenbrand
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