Graduate Student Positions Available: Arctic Marine Mammal Ecology and Ecotoxicology - McGill University

31 July 2019

Graduate Student Positions Available
Arctic Marine Mammal Ecology and Ecotoxicology
McGill University
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada

Application deadline for winter term: 31 August 2019 (international applicants), 15 October 2019 (Canadian applicants), or until filled

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Melissa McKinney
Email: melissa.mckinney [at]
Phone: 514-398-8714

The Ecological Change and Environmental Stressors Lab at McGill University invites applications for Master’s and PhD positions in the fields of marine ecology and ecotoxicology, focusing on the trophic ecology and food webs of Arctic marine mammals. These positions will be located in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada.

This work addresses applied questions regarding the influence of rapid warming and sea ice loss on the feeding and food web relationships of native and northward range-shifting species within Arctic marine ecosystems. A key aspect involves investigating how ecological changes interact with other anthropogenic stressors facing wildlife, particularly contaminants such as mercury and persistent organic pollutants.

Students will develop projects combining field, lab, and data analysis approaches, and will collaborate with Canadian and international academic, government, and Inuit community partners. Projects entail potential for Arctic fieldwork and opportunities to present at national and international conferences.

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree for PhD candidates) or equivalent in natural resources, ecology, environmental chemistry, environmental science, toxicology, or a closed related field.

Preferably, applicants will have experience in one of the following areas:

  • Laboratory analysis of stable isotopes, fatty acids, or contaminants in animal tissues or other matrices;
  • Analytical instrumentation;
  • Field sampling and/or identification; or
  • Statistical analysis of biological or environmental data (e.g., in R).

Potential students will have to apply to the Department of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill, which has strict admission standards, including a minimum grade point average of 3.0/4.0, or 3.2/4.0 in the last two years.

Applications must include a curriculum vitae, transcripts, a letter of support, and a strong personal statement indicating research experience and goals.

Applications should be submitted via email to Melissa McKinney at melissa.mckinney [at]

Deadlines for winter term (January 2020 start date) are 15 October 2019 for Canadian applicants or 31 August 2019 for international applicants; or, for fall term (September 2020 start date), are 31 May 2020 for Canadian applicants, 15 March for international applicants.

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For questions, contact:
Melissa McKinney
Email: melissa.mckinney [at]
Phone: 514-398-8714