Arctic Visiting Speakers' Series

4 April 2000

Information and application forms for the Arctic Visiting Speakers' Series
are available on the ARCUS web site at
Individuals interested in participating in the Arctic Visiting Speakers
Series as visiting speakers or on behalf of a host organization can contact
Alison York, at ARCUS for more information. The deadlines for
applications from host organizations are 30 April, 30 July, and 30 October.
You may submit information at any time to become part of the Arctic Visiting
Speakers Bureau.


The Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) has the pleasure of
announcing the inauguration of the Arctic Visiting Speakers' Series, which
will sponsor distinguished arctic researchers and experts on the Arctic to
visit academic institutions and community organizations for seminars,
lectures, and discussions. These educational endeavors are made possible by
funding from the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs
through a cooperative agreement with ARCUS.

This program provides support for organizations to engage in and foster
arctic science education on the local level. The program is intended to:
* increase communication and collaboration among the dispersed arctic
research community,
* nurture better understanding and communication among arctic researchers
and arctic community residents, and
* improve the general public's understanding of the importance of arctic

The Arctic Visiting Speakers' Series is not limited to academic speakers and
institutions. Speakers and organizations from arctic communities are
strongly encouraged to participate. Academic host institutions are urged to
maximize the impact of a speaker's visit by submitting joint applications in
partnership with community organizations such as schools and libraries. The
Arctic Visiting Speakers' Bureau provides information on individuals who are
interested in participating as speakers.

Speakers are expected to visit a host organization for 1 or 2 days, allowing
ample time for a formal presentation or seminar and extensive informal
interaction with faculty, students, local media, and/or community members.
Beyond the seminar, the precise nature of the visit is determined by the
host organization in conjunction with the speaker. Visiting speakers may
agree to present additional public lectures or more specialized seminars,
participate in graduate courses, or visit local schools, etc. The informal
aspects of the Arctic Visiting Speaker tours are expected to be particularly
valuable. Joint applications from multiple organizations in a single area
are strongly encouraged to maximize the benefit of a tour.

Deadlines for host organization applications are 30 April, 30 July, and 30
October. ARCUS expects to sponsor ten speakers in the inaugural year. Each
speaker will receive an honorarium of $200. A maximum of $1500.00 is
allotted toward the expenses of a speaker on a domestic visit. A maximum of
$2100.00 is allotted toward the expenses of a speaker on an international

Arctic researchers and other arctic experts interested in participating in
the Visiting Speakers' Series are encouraged to join the Speakers' Bureau at
any time. The Speakers' Bureau will assist host organizations in identifying
appropriate visiting speakers.

Additional information and application forms are available on the ARCUS web

For Additional Information

All inquiries regarding the Arctic Visiting Speaker Series should be
directed to
Alison York
ARCUS Project Manager
Phone: 907/474-1600
Fax: 907/474-1604