Directory of Polar and Cold Regions Organizations

5 October 2000

The Directory of Polar and Cold Regions Organizations is now available
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Dear Polar Colleagues,

This directory provides brief details of organizations with interests
relating to the polar and cold regions; that is, to the Arctic and
Antarctic and to all parts of the world where ice, snow, and permafrost
are to be found. The directory was compiled by William Mills, Keeper and
Librarian at the Scott Polar Research Institute, as part of a new
reference work "Keyguide to information sources on the polar and cold
regions" (London: Mansell, 1998).

Names of international organizations are given in English wherever
possible together with commonly used names in other languages where
appropriate. National organizations are usually given in the national
language together, in square brackets, with the English name if one is
in common use. Exceptions have been made where the English names are in
such frequent use that these have been given first. Information provided
includes contact details (addresses, telephone, fax and e-mail), WWW
addresses, date of foundation, brief details of activities, and
publications. This information was gathered by desk research at the
Scott Polar Research Institute and other libraries, and by
questionnaire. Where little information is provided, it generally means
that no reply to the latter was received. The directory is kept up-to-date
as and when new information comes in.

Additional information, corrections, etc., should be sent to William
Mills at

Directory of Polar and Cold Regions Organizations can be found at: