New book-"Fifty Years of Arctic Research"

30 January 2001

The Department of Ethnography in the National Museum of Denmark has
published the book: "Fifty Years of Arctic Research. Anthropological
Studies from Greenland to Siberia"

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"Fifty Years of Arctic Research" 344 pages i A4 format was published in
English by the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, 1997.


- Gilberg & Gullov: Introduction (pp:7-14)
- Klaus Ferdinand: Dreams which were not Realized - Together. (pp:
- Jorgen Meldgaard: Selected Bibliography (pp: 19-22)
- Claus Andreasen: Independence II in North East Greenland: Some New
Aspects. (pp: 23-32)
- Martin Appelt: Construction of an Archeological "Culture".
Similarities and differences in early Paleo-Eskimo Cultures of
Greenland. (pp:33-40)
- Jette Arneborg: Cultural Borders: Reflections on Norse-Eskimo
Interaction. (pp: 41-46)
- Anne Bahnson: Ancient Skin Clothing passing through Copenhagen. (pp:
- Hans-Georg Bandi: Arctic Prelude 1948: A Summer Full of Experience in
North East Greenland. (pp: 57-64)
- Joel Berglund: Two Dogs and a Dragon. (pp: 65-70)
- Edmund Carpenter: 19th Century Aivilik Iglulik Drawings. (pp: 71-92)
- Frederica de Laguna: The Fate of Krueger's Expedition. (pp: 93-98)
- William W. Fitzhugh: Searching for the Grail: Virtual Archeology in
Yamal and Circumpolar Theory. (pp: 99-118)
- Bjarne Gronnow: The Saqqaq Harpoon: An Analysis of Early Paleo-Eskimo
Harpoon Heads from Qeqertasussuk, West Greenland. (pp: 119-130)
- Hans Christian Gullov: The Soul of the Prey. (pp: 131-140)
- Jens Peder Hart Hansen: Repatriation of Ancient Human Remains. recent
cases from the Arctic Region. (pp: 141-148)
- Keld Hansen: Jigs from Greenland. (pp: 149-156)
- Elmer Harp Jr.: Pioneer Settlements of the Belcher Island, NWT. (pp:
- Hans Kapel: He who opens an Old Grave makes a Storm. Preservation
activities in Greenland seen in a historian Perspective. (pp: 169-180)
- Susan A. Kaplan: Developments in Labrador Inuit Archaeology Research.
(pp: 181-186)
- Inge Kleivan: Poetrty, Politica, and Archaeology in Greenland. (pp:
- William S. Laughlin: Danish Arctic Scholarship with a Foreign Accent.
(pp: 195-204)
- Moreau S. Maxwell: The Canadian Arctic in Transition: Pre-Dorset to
Dorset. (pp: 205-208)
- Robert McGhee: Meeting Between Dorset Culture Palaeo-Eskimos and Thule
Culture Inuit: Evidence from Brooman Point. (pp: 209-213)
- Editorial: Arctic Fox and Blond Shaman. (p: 214)
- Morten Meldgaard: Sisikasiity: The Place with the Fox Holes.
- HansJürgen Müller-Beck: A Heavy Duty Chopping Tool from a Birnirk
House in Ekven, Chukotka. (pp: 221-226)
- Tina Moebjerg: New Aspects of the Saqqaq Culture in West Greenland.
(pp: 227-236)
- Jeppe Moehl: Greenland - A Quaternary Zoological View. (pp: 237-242)
- Robert Petersen: On "Smell of forest" in Greenlandic Myths and
Legends. (pp: 243-248)
- Patrick Plumet: L'Importance Archéologique de la Région de
Kangirsujiaq au Nunavik (Arctique Québécois): Un centre chamanique
dorsétien?. (pp: 249-260)
- Joëlle Robert-Lamblin: Death in traditional East Greenland: Age,
causes and rituals. A contribution from anthropology to archaeology.
(pp: 261-268)
- Graham Rowley & Susan Rowley: Igloolik Island Before and After Jorgen
Meldgaard. (pp: 269-276)
- Helge Schultz-Lorentzen: Greenland and The National Museum of Denmark
- The National Museum of Denmark and Greenland: Fragtments of a piece of
Museum History. (pp: 277-286)
- Patricia Sutherland: The Variety of Artstic Expression in Dorset
Culture. (pp: 287-293)
- George Swinton: Who Makes Inuit Art? Confessions by a
para-anthropologist. (pp: 295-302)
- Edmond Carpenter: Arctic Witnesses. (pp: 303-310)
- Joint Bibliography: A complete list of all References. (pp: 311-329)
- Index: Place names (464 entries). (pp: 330-334)
- Index: Personal names (617 entries). (pp: 335-340)
- Index: Subjects (382 entries). (pp: 341-344)

The book contains 20 maps, 25 tables and diagrams, and 200 illustrations

For a review, please look at:

- Arctic, journal of the Arctic Institute of North America,
52(2):222-224, 1999.
- Inuit Studies, 23(1-2):253-268: James W. Helmer

Or for more information contact:

Dr. Rolf Gilberg, Curator
Department of Ethnography
National Museum of Denmark
Frederiksholms Kanal 12
DK-1220 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Phone: +45/3347-3207
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