Arctic Blue Books (British Parliamentary Papers on Arctic Exploration)
Now Available Online

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The University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections would like to
announce the establishment of the Arctic Blue Books Online. Dating from
1818- 1878, the Arctic Blue Books are volumes consisting of the British
Parliamentary Papers relating to arctic exploration. With the support
of the Winnipeg Foundation, the 6000 plus pages of the Arctic Blue Books
were scanned and mounted on the web early this year. As well as
documenting the exploration of the Canadian Arctic, they contain
material relating to topics such as native communities, living
conditions on ships, expeditions, meteorological observations, the
status of commercial whaling, botanical discoveries, and many other
subjects. The wealth of information they contain is accessible via
Andrew Taylor's extensive index, to which the online Arctic Blue Books
are linked. Search the index and/or look at the Arctic Blue Books
Online at: