NSF Logistics Workshop Prepublication Report Available

In October 2013, the NSF Arctic Research Support and Logistics (RSL) program funded a workshop on strategies and recommendations for Arctic research support and logistics. A pre-publication draft of the workshop report is now available online. The final publication will be released by the end of June and announced via ArcticInfo and other information channels.

The 2013 Workshop on Future Directions for Arctic Research Logistics (see Witness the Arctic - Fall 2013) was organized by ARCUS, with guidance from an Organizing Committee whose membership is listed at right. The workshop was structured as a working meeting, and its topics and agenda were developed using relevant reports and a survey circulated to the Arctic community in July 2013. Those reports—the 1997 and 2003 Logistics Reports and the 2011 CRREL Analysis of Logistics Recommendations—and other background information are available on the workshop website.

The report summarizes workshop discussions and highlights organized sets of specific, actionable recommendations. It was deliberately kept to a moderate length in order to make the material more easily accessible. The contents are broken down into three major sections: (1) Sustaining and Expanding Logistics Resources, (2) Capacity Building, and (3) Opportunities for Improved Coordination of Resources.

For more information, see the 2013 Logistics Workshop webpage (http://www.arcus.org/logistics/2013-workshop) or contact Kristina Creek at ARCUS (creek [at] arcus.org).