Workshop on International Collaboration and Cooperation in Arctic Science

International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC)International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC)

The International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC) convened a workshop on international cooperation in the Arctic 30 May–1 June in Fairbanks, Alaska. About 30 participants representing international arctic programs attended the workshop from countries including Japan, China, Korea, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Russia, and the United States.

The goal of the workshop was to develop a strategy for international cooperation and collaboration, and joint planning of arctic environmental change science programs and related observing activities. The workshop addressed three objectives:

  1. Improve international cooperation in arctic science;
  2. Advance planning for an Arctic Observing Summit in 2012; and
  3. Advance planning for a Responding to Change workshop.

The outcomes will include a workshop report and a plan of action with specific and concrete coordination activities.

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