ISAC Welcomes New Staff

The International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC) is pleased to welcome Dr. Martin Biuw to the International Program Office (IPO) in Stockholm. Biuw is a marine ecologist and biological oceanographer with a PhD in Environmental and Evolutionary Ecology from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Most recently, Biuw has been a research fellow at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø. Biuw played a major role in the inception and realization of large-scale international programs, developing approaches to hydrographic studies of remote ocean regions using instrumented marine animals. Biuw will be working with the Executive Director of ISAC, Maribeth Murray, and the ISAC Science Steering Group to carry out the mandate of the ISAC IPO, including expansion of information services and ISAC implementation activities. He can be contacted at: info [at]

Planning Commences for "Responding to Arctic Change" Workshop

ISAC is currently planning a 2011 workshop on responding to arctic change, which will advance the ISAC emphasis on developing "science for society." An initial planning meeting was held in Oslo in June 2010 to discuss the workshop scope. The workshop goals are to: (1) Develop clarity on the meaning of "responding to change" and what the role of science may be in a "responding to change" effort; and (2) Assess the extent to which arctic science priorities align with stakeholder priorities. Additional information on the workshop will be circulated as plans are finalized.

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