Awards were recently announced for ARCSS research funded through the Arctic Research Opportunities solicitation. A total of 19 awards were made totaling $5.6 million—all of the funds for these awards were provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Analysis and Attribution of Changes in Siberian Hydroclimate and Implications for the Future.

Judah Cohen (Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc). #0909457, $180,389.

Jessica Cherry, Vladimir Alexeev (University of Alaska Fairbanks [UAF]). #0909525, $283,374.

Mathew Barlow (University of Massachusetts Lowell). #0909272, $175,150.

Arctic Research Using the Community Climate System Model.

Peter Gent, Marika Holland (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research). #0908675, $776,475.

Environmental Changes Alter the Carbon Cycle of High Arctic Ecosystems: Shifts in the Ages and Sources of CO2 and DOC.

Claudia Czimczik (University of California Irvine). #0909514, $617,647.

Jeffrey Welker, Patrick Sullivan (University of Alaska Anchorage). #0909538, $502,530.

Joshua Schimel (University of California Santa Barbara). #0909510, $301,642.

Nonlinearities in the Arctic Climate System During the Holocene.

Darrell Kaufman (Northern Arizona University). #0909332, $315,789.

Gifford Miller, Scott Lehman, Yarrow Axford (University of Colorado at Boulder). #0909347, $685,013.

Jason Briner (State University of New York at Buffalo). #0909334, $209,379.

Raymond Bradley (University of Massachusetts Amherst). #0909354, $209,087.

Mark Abbott (University of Pittsburgh). #0908200, $141,355.

Bruce Finney (Idaho State University). #0909310, $136,780.

Zicheng Yu (Lehigh University). #0909362, $128,175.

Feng Sheng Hu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). #0907986, $120,784.

Matthew Wooller (UAF). #0909523, $119,999.

Michael Loso (Alaska Pacific University). #0909322, $79,786.

Regional Climate Modeling of Volcanic Eruptions and the Arctic Climate System.

Alan Robock (Rutgers University). #0908834, $342,401.

Troposphere-Stratosphere Coupling and Linkages to High Latitude Climate Variability.

Judah Cohen (Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc). #0909459, $299,940.