Vision and Mission

The SEARCH vision and mission reflects the evolution of SEARCH and arctic science over the past several years and emphasizes SEARCH's role in developing scientific knowledge that is relevant to decision-making.

The SEARCH Vision: Scientific understanding of arctic environmental change to help society understand and respond to a rapidly changing Arctic.

The SEARCH Mission: To provide a foundation of arctic change science through collaboration with the research community, funding agencies, and other stakeholders. Towards this mission, SEARCH:

  • Generates and synthesizes research findings and promotes arctic science and scientific discovery across disciplines and among agencies.

  • Identifies emerging issues in arctic environmental change.

  • Provides scientific information to arctic stakeholders, policy-makers, and the public to help them understand and respond to arctic environmental change.

  • Facilitates research activities across local-to-global scales, with an emphasis on addressing needs of decision-makers.

  • Collaborates with national and international science programs integral to SEARCH goals.

Version: Spring 2012