Welcome to the Sea Ice Outlook Education and Outreach web page. To assist parents, educators, and members of the public, the Sea Ice Outlook Central Office will use this page to post educational materials and information about sea ice research.

Education Materials

Sea Ice Resources for Educators

A list of websites featuring arctic-based lesson plans or general information about sea ice and the Arctic. {more}

Glossary of Terms

A general list of sea ice-related scientific terms. {more}

Sea Ice Outlook Powerpoint & Quiz

A link to an educator-friendly powerpoint and companion quiz to be used for K-12. {more}

Outreach Materials

Overview Presentation on the Sea Ice Outlook

A presentation outlining the history and features of the Sea Ice Outlook effort, including results from the 2008 Outlook. This presentation can be downloaded, copied, distributed, or adapted, so long as appropriate attribution is given to ARCUS in the final product.

Download (PDF - 5.3 MB)
Download (PPT - 5.4 MB)

2008 Sea Ice Outlook Poster

A poster for the 2008 Sea Ice Outlook effort featuring background information and highlights from 2008.

Download PDF (1.3 MB)

A Celebration of the International Polar Year

In April 2009, the National Academy of Sciences and National Science Foundation co-hosted a celebration of the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008. Several early research accomplishments were highlighted. {more}

During the event, Dr. Hajo Eicken, a sea ice specialist from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, gave a presentation on sea ice. A video of this presentation, "Responses: Sea Ice in Transition," is available for viewing from the NSF website. {more}

Sea Ice Outlook Survey

Results of a Sea Ice Outlook User Survey (PDF ­ 277 KB) Results of a Sea Ice Outlook User Survey (PDF ­ 277 KB)