Sea Ice Action Network

Sea Ice Action Network LogoThe SEARCH Sea Ice Action Team guides the direction and activities of the Sea Ice Action Network, which communicates efforts to collaboratively understand the implications of diminishing arctic sea ice.

2017 Knowledge Exchange Workshop

The SEARCH Sea Ice Action Team, in partnership with the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, hosted a second Knowledge Exchange Workshop in Washington D.C. on September 25-27, 2017. The workshop focused on building and exercising leadership in Arctic science communication and stakeholder engagement in September of 2017. The workshop addressed a diverse range of key societal issues, including sustaining coastal infrastructure, maintaining productive fisheries, seasonal weather prediction, thawing permafrost, and sea level rise and coastal flooding. The workshop also provided hands-on training in science communication skills and developing an approach and resources for engaging stakeholders in discussing the implications of Arctic environmental change.

2016 Knowledge Exchange Workshop

The First SEARCH Knowledge Exchange Workshop took place in Washington, D.C. on 14-15 September, 2016. The Northern Pacific Research Board (NPRB) sponsored two early career researchers to attend the workshop. Graduate students or early career researchers (within five years of receiving a terminal degree) were eligible to apply. The workshop gathered 33 invited experts to discuss impacts of sea-ice loss on:

  • Arctic ecosystems. How are marine ecosystem structure and primary productivity changing, and what are the implications for the Arctic and beyond?
  • Lower latitude weather. What are the linkages between Arctic sea ice loss, amplified Arctic warming, and changing mid-latitude weather patterns?
  • Human activities in the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas. What roles can improved understanding of current and future sea ice conditions play in informing the actions and decisions of Arctic residents and regional stakeholders?

Workshop Flyer
Workshop Agenda & Participant List (PDF - 4.62 MB)
Workshop Report (PDF - 7.7 MB)

Strategy Task Force Workshop

A Strategy Task Force was convened 9-10 September 2015 to develop the Sea Ice Action Team's long-term workplan. The workplan will guide Action Team activities, provide a method for evaluating and refining Action Team work, and help Action Team leaders select new members with the skills and expertise needed to achieve the science goals and objectives.

Strategy Task Force Workshop Summary (PDF - 300 KB)

Strategy Task Force Members:
* Lawrence Hamilton, University of New Hampshire
* Bob Henson, Weather Underground
* Marika Holland, UCAR
* Martin Jeffries, Office of Naval Research
* Brendan Kelly, SEARCH
* Don Perovich, CRREL

Action Team Staffing

At the SEARCH kick-off meeting participants prioritized the Sea Ice theme activities with a focus on communication, networking, and collaboration between the scientific community, decision-makers and the media. To better meet these needs, a decision was also made to hire a “Communicator/Facilitator” to provide Action Team staffing instead of a traditional post-doc research associate. This position was filled in June 2015. See the Action Team membership page for a bio of the Communicator/Facilitator.