The goal of the Arctic Observing Summit is to "provide community-driven, science-based guidance for the design, implementation, coordination and sustained long-term (decades) operation of an international network of Arctic observing systems". In 2016, the third biennial summit will take place in Fairbanks, AK (15-18 March) in conjunction with the Arctic Science Summit Week.

In preparation for this important event, the SEARCH community has developed a number of white papers, short statements and posters reporting on the current state of Arctic Observing. Links to these documents are found below. Additional report submissions from the wider Arctic research community can also now be viewed online at

SEARCH White Papers, Short Statements, & Posters

Sea Ice Action Team: Matthew Druckenmiller, Jennifer Francis, and Henry Huntington

Permafrost Action Team: Edward Schuur, Christina Schädel, and A. David McGuire

Land Ice Action Team: Fiamma Straneo, Patrick Heimbach, Gordon Hamilton, and Olga Sergienko

ARCUS and the Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting Organizing Committee

Other Contributions from the SEARCH Community

SEARCH Science Steering Committee Members

Hajo Eicken (Science Steering Committee Past-Chair & Sea Ice Prediction Network Leadership Team)

Betsy Baker (Science Steering Committee Member)

Marika Holland (Science Steering Committee Member)

SEARCH Action Team Members

Matthew Druckenmiller (Sea Ice Action Team Communicator/Facilitator)

Donald Perovich (Sea Ice Action Team & Observing Change Panel)

Eric Kasischke (Permafrost Action Team Member)

Kevin Bjella (Permafrost Action Team Member)

Vladimir Romanovsky (Permafrost Action Team Member)

Cathy Wilson (Permafrost Action Team Member)

Sea Ice Prediction Network

Adrienne Tivy (Sea Ice Prediction Network Leadership Team)

Walt Meier (Sea Ice Prediction Network Leadership Team)

Jennifer Hutchings (Sea Ice Prediction Network Leadership Team)

Observing Change Panel Members

Matthew Shupe (Observing Change Panel)

Peter Pulsifer (Observing Change Panel)

Maribeth Murray (Observing Change Panel)

Guido Grosse (Observing Change Panel)