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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Sylvie Binette sylvie.binette [at] N/A +1-867-667-8855 126 Valleyview Drive Whitehorse Yukon Territory Y1A 3C9 Canada

responses of beetles following a prescribed fire Microlichens

forest ecology, biodiversity

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Robert Bingham r.bingham [at]

School of GeoSciences

University of Edinburgh

+44-131-651-4635 Institute of Geography Edinburgh EH8 9XP United Kingdom

Investigating the hydrology and dynamics of polythermal John Evans Glacier, Ellesmere Island. Expertise in DGPS and standard surveying methods, glaciohydrological investigation techniques, automatic weather stations.

glaciology, climate change, hydrology

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John Birks john.birks [at]


University of Bergen

+47-5558-3350 PO Box 7803 Bergen N-5007 Norway Professor

Environmental change on Svalbard and arctic Fennoscandia.

paleoecology, palynology, botany

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Gerit Birnbaum gerit.birnbaum [at]

Department of Climate Systems

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-1795 Bussestraße 24 Bremerhaven 27570 Germany

Modeling of atmosphere-sea ice-ocean interactions with regional models.

boundary-layer meteorology, ocean-atmosphere interactions, sea ice modeling

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Linda Birnbaum birnbaumls [at]

National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

919-541-3201 PO Box 12233 Durham North Carolina 27709 United States Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

Health Effects group of AMAP.

public health

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Pierre Biscaye biscaye [at]

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Columbia University

845-365-8429 20 Geochemistry Palisades New York 10964 United States Special Research Scientist

Use of natural mineral and isotopic tracers to identify the sources of atmospheric dust in ice as a constraint on atmospheric paleocirculation and paleoclimate, in Greenland and Antarctic ice cores.

glacial geochemistry, paleoclimatology

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Jens Bischof jbischof [at]

Department of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Old Dominion University

757-683-5987 339 Oceanography & Physics Building Norfolk Virginia 23529 United States Research Assistant Professor

Research on the changing directions of ice drift in the Arctic Ocean by determining sources of coarse-grained ice rafted debris. Impact of the Arctic Ocean’s climate variability on lower latitude oceans, such as the Greenland Sea. Impact of changing ice drift directions on marine organism groups. Glaciomarine processes. Marine geology. Sedimentary petrography. Stratigraphy. Geochronology.

paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, sea ice

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Kai Bischof kbischof [at]

Department of Benthic Ecosystems

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-421-218-63050 Room NW2, A 2180 Bre­men D-28359 Germany Professor

Photobiology. UV effects on photosynthesis of arctic macroalgae, molecular mechanisms of damage, acclimation, and protection.

macroalgae, physiological ecology

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Cecilia Bitz bitz [at]

Atmospheric Sciences Department

University of Washington

206-543-1339 Atmospheric Sciences Seattle Washington 98195 United States Professor

Role of sea ice in climate. Ocean-atmosphere interactions in the North Atlantic and Arctic.

climatology, climate change, climate modeling

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Thoroddur Bjarnason thorodd [at]

Faculty of Social Science and Law

University of Akureyri

+354-460-8652 Solborg v/Nordurslod Akureyri IS-600 Iceland Professor

sociology, mental health, epidemiology

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Peter Bjerregaard pb [at]

Section for Research in Greenland

National Institute of Public Health

+45-6550-7777 Øster Farimagsgade 5A Copenhagen K 1353 Denmark Professor

Cross-cultural epidemiology. Health interview surveys. Cardiovascular health. Greenland.

epidemiology, public health, environmental health

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Svante Björck svante.bjorck [at]

Department of Geology, Quaternary Sciences

Lund University

+46-46222-7882 GeoBiosphere Science Centre, Department of Geology, Quaternary Sciences Lund SE-223 62 Sweden Professor

Greenland lacustrine records. Quaternary climate change and sea level history. Southern Hemisphere climate and sea level records

climate change

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Ivar Bjorklund ivar.bjorklund [at]

Tromsø Museum

University of Tromsø

+47-7764-5274 TMU A 130-132 (Klikk for større kartbeskrivelse) Tromsø N-9037 Norway Professor

Pastoralism. Indigenous issues. Ethnohistory.

Indigenous peoples

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Ismo Björn ismo.bjorn [at]

Karelian Institute

University of Joensuu

+358-50-442-1337 PO Box 111 Joensuu FIN-801 01 Finland Senior Researcher

Life in the Noredland Forests. The takeover of nature and its social organization in the North Karelian Biosphere Reserve. Environmental history.

human/environment interaction

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Marcia Bjornerud marciab [at]

Geology Department

Lawrence University

920-832-7015 PO Box 599 Appleton Wisconsin 54912 United States Professor

Structural geology of western Svalbard and northen Ellesmere Island.

structural geology, rock mechanics, history of science

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Peter Koefoed Bjornsen pkb [at] N/A

Danish National Environmental Research Institute

+45-4516-9073 PO Box 358 Roskilde DK-4000 Denmark Director

Northwater Polynya study.

marine microbiology, marine ecology, environmental sciences

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Helgi Bjornsson hb [at]

Division of Geophysics

Science Institute - University of Iceland

+354-525-4730 Dunhagi 3 Reykjavik IS-107 Iceland Professor

Mass and energy balance of glaciers in Iceland. Glacier flow. Glacier hydrology.

glaciology, geophysics, hydrology

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Patrick Black pbb [at] N/A 973-724-8705 PO Box 272 Liberty Corner New Jersey 07938 United States Research Scientist

Interoperability of scientific software. Phase change in porous media. Integration of legacy software for use in multidisciplinary research projects concerned with environmental modeling, land management, and geographical information systems. Modern method to develop reusable technical software and frost heave modeling.

computer modeling, geographic information systems, permafrost engineering

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Susanna Blackwell susanna [at] N/A

Greeneridge Sciences

805-967-7720 90 Arnold Place Santa Barbara California 93117 United States Senior Scientist

Effects of industrial noise on marine mammals

acoustics, biology

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Nataly Blagoveshchenskaya nataly [at]

Department of Geophysics

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

+7-812-337-3191 38 Bering Street St. Petersburg 199397 Russian Federation PhD

The impact of powerful HF radio waves injected itno auroral ionosphere on the substorn development. Studies of geophysical signatures of the solar activity and artificial actions on the auroral ionosphere. The impact of strong HF radio waves in the near-Earth space environment on the development of magnetospheric substorms. HF powerful wave impact on the near-Earth space environment.

auroral studies, plasma physics, environmental studies

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Donat Blagoveshchensky dvb [at]

Department of Radio Engineering

St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

+7-812-538-1475 67 Bolshaya Morskaya Street St. Petersburg 190000 Russian Federation

Space weather. HF radio wave propagation via high-latitude ionosphere. Magnetosphere. Atmospheric radio noise. Diagnostics, prediction, and modeling of ionospheric radio channels. Magneto-ionospheric disturbances. Wave-like processes. Ray Tracing.

ionospheric physics, environmental impact assessment, communications

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Berill Blair berill.blair [at]

School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-712-7144 PO Box 757000 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Postdoctoral Researcher

Environmental risk management; Arctic communities and sustainability; scenarios as tools in managing uncertainty

arctic policy, climate change, community sustainability

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George Blaisdell gblaisde [at]

Office of Polar Programs (OPP)

National Science Foundation (NSF)

703-292-7447 2415 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria Virginia 22314 United States Chief Program Manager

Antarctic logistics development. Glacial ice runways. Oversnow Heavy haul transporters. Snow Roads. Remote crevasse detection.

northern engineering, snow engineering, logistics

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Xavier Blaisel blaisel [at]

History Department

University of Quebec at Montreal

+1-514-256-2773 4595 La Fontaine Montreal Quebec H1V 1P6 Canada

Religion and ideology of hunting in Baffin Island.

circumpolar cultures, Inuit culture, indigenous knowledge

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John Blake jeblake [at]

UAF Veterinary Services Center

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-5188 212K West Ridge Research Building Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Associate Vice Chancellor, Research (PT); Director, Animal Resources Center

Environmental health Public health Wildlife -Health and welfare of animals used in field and captive research -Mortality investigations - any vertebrate species -Northern agriculture -Population medicine -Zoonotic diseases

veterinary medicine, pathology, animal husbandry

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