Steven Oberbauer


Department of Biological Sciences


Florida International University

oberbaue [at]


11200 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33199
United States

Brief Biography

BS Biology, San Diego State University 1976
MS Biology, San Diego State University 1978
PhD Botany, Duke University 1983
Postdoctoral Fellow, Organization for Tropical Studies 2003-2004
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Nevada La Vegas 1984-1985
Research Scientist, Systems Ecology Research Group, San Diego State University 1985-1988
Assistant Professor, Florida International University 1988-1992
Associate Professor, Florida International University 1992 -2000
Professor, Florida International University 2000-Present
Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University 2015-Present

Science Specialties

physiological ecology, ecosystem science, global warming

Current Research

Effects of long term warming and climate change on phenology and composition of tundra plant communities. Cold season physiology of tundra plants. Effects of altered soil water level on tundra ecosystem response, particularly trace gas fluxes. Combining manual and automated measurements for long-term monitoring of changes in tundra plant structure and function.